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Comedian William Lee Martin #QuarantinedCowboy is paying it forward on Facebook Live this weekend, turning his man cave into a “fan cave,” providing 24 hours of entertainment as he stays up overnight to interact with fans. 


“I’m welcoming fans into my house as I stream live, minus bathroom breaks,” the comedian explained from his home near Fort Worth, Texas.


Like others in the entertainment business, Martin has postponed shows around the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and he’s the latest celebrity to offer fans a way to pass the time while remaining indoors over the next few weeks.


“I plan to do some things that I haven’t gotten around to, and I think there’s going to be a lot of funny moments during the process,” said Martin.   That could include learning how to juggle, giving himself a haircut, or taking up Spanish for the first time via Rosetta Stone.


He also plans to answer questions from viewers and potentially share heartfelt thoughts during the 24-hour process.


“I’m ready for anything that comes up during this live stream,” Martin said.  “Sometimes we’ll be laughing and doing silly stuff.  Other times we may get more serious and in-depth about all that’s happening and how people are adapting to this new lifestyle we find ourselves in.”


While he’s not really sure what will come about during each hour of this marathon-session, he wanted to do something to spread joy and laughter with people feeling stressed around the country and the world.  


“This is my way of trying to help people who may be isolated or feeling despair during these unprecedented times.”


“24 hours with William Lee Martin” begins at 1pm Eastern Time on Saturday and concludes at 1pm Sunday.   Fans can find the stream at www.facebook.com/ComedianWilliamLeeMartin


For more information, contact Cord Management / Mark Zenow at 615-866-5003 or MarkZenow@ExperienceCord.com  

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The LAtest news

The Corona Virus has all dates in March Postponed. 

An open letter to my fans:

I have never pretended to know anything about Corona. I hope it goes away in the summer or they find a cure fast. Sure, I read like most of you. I spent the morning on the World Health Organization's website as a matter of fact. 

I do know my mother's biggest dream was to go to Hawaii. The only thing was, she was afraid to fly. Unfortunately, momma died in 1998. She wasn't sick. She just went to sleep and didn't wake up one night. She was only 56 years old.

But I think if I could ask her one question, I would ask, "do you regret letting your fear control your dream?" I believe in my heart of hearts, she would say, yes.

So, no matter how this thing turns out, I'm not going to live in fear. Yes, take the necessary steps. Wash your hands. Try not touching your face. But for God's sake, stop being afraid. 

And lastly, I encourage you to do like I did this morning and talk to the Lord. 

Take care of yourselves and each other, 

William Lee Martin

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