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William Lee Martin, hailed as the "King of Cowtown," is a seasoned comedian and entertainer whose vibrant career spans over 27 illustrious years in the world of stand-up comedy and entertainment.


New Comedy Special

 "King of Cowtown" - William's latest comedy special, "King of Cowtown," ventures deep into Texan culture, touching upon vibrant themes such as Tejano music and the iconic figure, Selena. We're actively seeking distribution avenues that can amplify the special's reach. With three successful specials behind him, including runs on CMT and Amazon Prime, William's comedic prowess is primed for wider recognition.


New Children’s Book

 "Dadtastic Weekends" - William released a groundbreaking addition to children's literature, offering a positive message for families navigating the complexities of divorce. Through subtle lessons on co-parenting and the primacy of quality time, William's book emphasizes imagination and love, making it a vital resource for families undergoing this challenging transition.

New Podcast

"How to Kinda Succeed in Comedy Life with William Lee Martin"- Launched early 2024, William's new podcast promises to be a beacon of positivity in a chaotic world. Alongside his co-host and tour manager, Lisa Bruce, William invites listeners on a comedic journey filled with laughter, insight, and inspiration. Available on multiple platforms including YouTube, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and iTunes, it represents a unique opportunity for cross-promotion and collaborative engagement.


New Music Compositions

William's latest compositions, including "God in a Bar," "Last Time You Called," and "You Make Me Want to Drink," offer poignant reflections on the human experience. As these songs are being pitched through Nashville’s Myriad Publishing, there's significant potential for collaboration with record companies and artists who resonate with William's storytelling ability and emotional depth.


Touring Exclusively in Theaters

With "The King of Cowtown Tour," William has made the strategic decision to exclusively perform in theaters across 65 cities this year. By departing from traditional club venues and focusing on theaters, William aims to create intimate and unforgettable experiences for audiences, signaling a new chapter in his live performances. JANUARY - NOVEMBER 2024 King of Cowtown Tour CHIRSTMAS 2024 - The Nuttier Cracker Tour


A Comedian

William has graced the stages of Las Vegas working at the MGM Grand, Tropicana, Excalibur plus he made his debut in Nashville at the prestigious Grand Ole Opry in 2022 and made 2 appearances since. A true road warrior he has done ever kind of show from clubs, the ships and now exclusively theatres. 


A Writer,  Producer

William's first passion is and will always be writing. With a background in writing advertising out of college, he's written now two books, and is currently pursuing deals with his screenplays and original songs.  His production company has now shot and placed 3 different comedy specials for television including airings on CMT and Amazon Prime.


A Cowboy Who Cares

William and his wife, Michele started the Cowboys Who Care Foundation in June 2012 and he served as CEO from 2012-2023. In that time they gave over 10,000 cowboy hats to kids fighting cancer. Resistol Hat Company took over the charity in 2023 and is taking it to new heights.

More than a comedian

Meet William Lee Martin

William Lee Martin stands 6'2" as a proud Texan whose comedic reach knows no bounds. He effortlessly spreads laughter across the nation with his one-of-a-kind humor, captivating audiences through heartwarming family-centered tales and uplifting spirits, particularly during life's toughest moments.


Over a remarkable career spanning more than two decades, he has left audiences in stitches at iconic venues like the Grand Ole Opry and under the dazzling lights of MGM. With three one-hour television comedy specials and a thriving online presence, he has firmly established his standing as a comedy luminary. However, he is not merely a comedian; he's a multifaceted entertainer, an actor, a songwriter, a screenwriter, a children's book author, and, above all, a devoted Christian family man.

Over the years he has shared the stage with George Strait, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, the late greats, Loretta Lynn, Jerry Lee Lewis, and George Jones serving as their comedy opening acts. So he's learned from the best. 

Affectionately known for years for his nickname "Cowboy Bill," a name given to him by his grandfather, his humor comes from a place that is real. Real down to earth. Real quinine. Real funny!

We hope you come and see him live!

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