There are not many firsts when it comes to standup comedy. But that is exactly the reasoning behind the holiday release, Comedian William Lee Martin: The Nutcracker – A Christmas Standup Spectacular. This is Martin’s third one-hour television release but this one is unique in the fact that no standup comedians have ever dedicated an hour of material exclusively for the holiday season. Some comedians over the years have released variety-show type specials but this is an hour packed of what Americans love most, standup comedy.


As Martin puts it in the special, “When I called my agent and said I want to do a Christmas special, he (the agent) said, comedians don’t do Christmas specials.” Martin said, “that’s exactly why we should do a Christmas special. Every year, people watch the same holiday movies, ‘Home Alone TM’, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life TM’, and ‘Die Hard TM!” Then he quips, “Now, the family can gather around every year and watch William Lee Martin in ‘the Nutcracker’!”


The hour is dedicated to talking all things Christmas including traditions, holiday stress, the pitfalls of having family over, and wraps up with an epic story of giving a unique, ultimate gift to his wife in this one-of-a-kind stand-up special that is funny, heartwarming, and smart.

William Lee Martin - The Nutcracker - DVD