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Ep. 10 – Parenting Tips - “How to Kinda Succeed in Comedy and Life Podcast”

In this podcast


o   3rd Party Ticket Scams

o   Top 5 Blankety Blanks – “Things You Would Like to Say to College Kid Protestors”

o   These Parents Today

o   Best Parenting Tips I have

o   The Moment You Know You Failed at Raising a Son


Tune in to the "How to Kinda Succeed in Comedy and Life Podcast" for the best parenting tips and hilarious insights from a 27-year comedy veteran along with his ensemble of smart, knowledgeable team including tour manager, Lisa Bruce and producer Ron Phillips, dive into life, entertainment, and the world of show business. You don't have to be a comedian to enjoy this podcast!  Take us in the car, on a walk or watch on your phone while lying in bed or hiding out in the restroom at work!  And William Lee will teach you How to Kinda Succeed in Comedy & Life!

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