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Get ready for a night of holiday hilarity and heartwarming cheer with the dynamic comedians William Lee Martin, MJ Moody, and Jerry Wayne Longmire. This festive extravaganza is a nostalgic nod to classic Christmas variety shows, blending stand-up comedy, original poems, sketches, and sing-alongs.

William Lee Martin's infectious energy and sharp wit take center stage, delivering laughs that resonate with a modern twist. Joining the comedic powerhouses is the soulful singer/songwriter Joelle Kittrell, enchanting the audience with timeless classics and original tunes, adding a touch of magic to the evening.

The show weaves through whimsical original poems and clever sketches, keeping the laughter flowing. Embracing traditions with a contemporary flair, this variety show is the perfect holiday treat for all ages. Join in the camaraderie of sing-alongs, as the performers invite the audience to be part of this heartwarming holiday experience.

Gather your loved ones, leave your worries behind, and step into a world where laughter, music, and Christmas magic come together in a spectacular show featuring Comedian William Lee Martin, MJ Moody, Jerry Wayne Longmire, and the sensational Joelle Kittrell. It's a festive journey that promises cherished memories and a heart filled with holiday spirit.

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MJ Moody is a true professional who can bring the laughter to any situation. He is originally from Augusta GA, and got his start in comedy after retiring from the US Navy.

MJ eventually moved to Dallas, TX, and rose through the comedy ranks quickly and has been getting rave reviews. His hilarious stories about his unique military experience, his family life and his take on politics have been leaving people in stitches.

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Comedian. Also known for his popular YouTube Channel, "Truck Astrology"


Upon first glance some might make the mistake that Jerry Wayne is just another country boy with a flair for storytelling. However, less than two minutes into his stage performance you will realize that this is not the case with “Jay Dubya”.

Jerry Wayne isn’t a typical “Blue Collar” comedian! His sidesplitting, immensely playful brand of comedy goes way beyond the norm. He’s visceral, he’s gritty, he’s irreverent, he’s thoroughly unadulterated and unreconstructed. He makes no apologies, takes no prisoners and revels in his political incorrectness.

In the outlandish yarns and off-color anecdotes he spins, there are few sacred subjects. From a strict Pentecostal upbringing to a wanderer’s life, being a prison guard, and a Nuclear plant inspector, Jerry Wayne is sure to have you rolling in the aisles!

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Joelle Kittrell, a Columbia, SC native, is not only a renowned vocal coach but also a standout musical talent recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the top 6 unsigned bands in the US. Raised as a pastor's kid, Joelle's musical journey began early, showcasing her sultry voice and dynamic performances. From jazz to singer/songwriter genres, her versatility has set her apart. Featured on A&E's "Big SMO," Joelle's compelling artistry, coupled with her undeniable beauty, continues to make waves in the music scene, solidifying her as a force to be reckoned with.

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